4 sessions

Server Interactor

Overview of the course

This course is designed for those using Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud with an Explorer or Viewer license. Through this course you will learn about all of Tableau’s features in order to get the most out of your experience with data.

The course is delivered in e-learning mode: you can access the content freely and test your knowledge with self-assessment modules.


                    (4 hours)
  • What’s Tableau and what’s it for
  • Self-service analytics data exploration
  • Sites, Projects and Views: let’s clarify
  • Dealing with permissions
  • Interacting with Tableau Server
  • Filters and Highlights
  • Sorting and Hierarchies


                     (4 hours)

  • Parametres, sets and instant analytics
  • Tooltip and Tooltip Viz
  • Ask the data a question
  • Web edit modes
  • Explaining data
  • Saving and Sharing


                     (4 hours)

  • Creating a graph from scratch
  • Bar Charts + Reference lines
  • Line charts + Trend lines
  • Tables + Totals
  • Maps + Tooltips


                           (4 hours)

  • Pie charts + Quick table calculations
  • Calculated fields
  • Creating a dashboard

Training Methodology

Required technical equipment

Each participant is asked to bring their own laptop and install the tool on which the course is centred (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server/Cloud or Tableau Prep) with a valid license key before the course; a 14-day trial license can be activated if needed.

Classrom equipment

A projector or VTC/TV visible to all participants is essential

Connection to the projector or VTC/TV via HDMI (preferred) or VGA is essential

Internet access for all the participants’ laptops

Internet access for the trainer

Digital Whiteboard

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