4 sessions

Power BI Level 1

Overview of the course

The course is suited for every user, also at the first experience with Power BI. You will learn how to use the tool by exploring key concepts with a hands-on teaching method. You will explore different techniques for creating visualisations as well as putting them together in an interactive dashboard in only 16 hours.


What's included

This course includes access to materials presented that contain key concepts on each topic covered and hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge attained.


(4 hours)

  • Overview and terminology
  • Connecting to a data source
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Creating groups and hierarchies


(4 hours)

  • Working with dates
  • Creation of the model
  • Report (1)


(4 hours)

  • Representing data on maps
  • Tables and matrices
  • How to create Measures


(4 hours)

  • Quick measures
  • How to create Pies and Treemaps
  • Reference lines
  • Report (2)

Training Methodology

Required technical equipment

Each participant is asked to bring their own laptop and install the tool on which the course is centred with a valid license key before the course; a 14-day trial license can be activated if needed.


LearnToViz Platform

In order to view the training materials and download the files necessary to complete the exercises, you need to register on the Visualitics training portal: LearnToViz (www.learntoviz.it).

Once you are registered on the platform, you are required to register for the course by purchasing it via voucher. There is one voucher per participant. Dissemination of content is not allowed.


Classroom equipment

A projector or VTC/TV visible to all participants is essential

Connection to the projector or VTC/TV via HDMI (preferred) or VGA is essential

Internet access for all the participants’ laptops

Internet access for the trainer

Digital Whiteboard

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