Environmental commitment

Our commitment to the environment

Visualitics is a young company employing young people, but it does not forget its responsibility towards future generations: this is why we respect the environment and have put in place a series of best practices that we adopt every day both in the office and at home.

Our company’s sustainable approach includes continuous improvement measures to preserve the planet and its resources, with a view to reducing emissions and environmental impact.

To celebrate Christmas 2019, each team member received a special gift: a Treedom tree. Thanks to this super green initiative, we each chose a seedling, which was sown and cultivated by local farmers in different parts of the world, who will take care of it for us day after day and in the months to come. Trees grown in this way not only help to release oxygen and maintain biodiversity, but also support the work of farmers in their homelands.

Reduced consumption

Sensitivity to the responsible use of energy and resources is another objective of Visualitics. With this in mind, we try to reduce our environmental impact by using aluminum flasks and biodegradable glasses instead of the more harmful plastic bottles.

We have decided to do without coffee capsules, which are difficult to recycle, and we have purchased a machine that works with coffee beans. We also keep the heating at a maximum of 20°C in cold weather, turning it on only when necessary.

Wishlist for the future

A lot of good practices have been adopted so far, but we have even more ambitious goals for 2020:

Lunch break

Encouraging the consumption of sustainable and environmentally friendly food during business lunches.

PC health

Maximizing the battery life of PCs so they are not constantly plugged in.

Indoor temperature

Carefully controlling the use of the thermostat: for example, never open windows while leaving the heating on.

Agile work

Encouraging one day of smart working per week.

Exploiting digital technology

Printing only necessary documents to save on paper.

Annual review

Creating annual information dashboards, both on the environment and on the results produced internally by our efforts.


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