Tableau Cloud Migration

Switch from Tableau Server to Cloud Quickly and Securely

Transferring content from on-premise deployment to the Cloud can be a complex and costly task. Thanks to our years of experience, we have developed a secure solution that allows you to migrate quickly to Tableau Cloud.

Our expert team is ready to guide you through every phase of the process, providing you with all the tools to achieve the best results.

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Tableau Cloud: your cloud-based ally

Tableau Cloud, the new Tableau Online, represents the next generation of professional cloud-based solutions, positioning itself at the forefront of the analytics platform sector. This self-service platform offers comprehensive capabilities for data preparation, creation, analysis, publishing, and sharing through the Cloud.

Tableau Pulse is now accessible on Tableau Cloud, enhancing the feature portfolio with intelligent, personalized, and contextual insights, directly integrated into users’ workflows.

Discover more about Tableau Cloud: from the differences with Tableau Server to integration with AI.

Why our customers choose Tableau Cloud

Cost Savings and Simplified Management

Eliminate the maintenance costs and management of an on-premise deployment and reduce overhead. Rely on the Cloud for an automatically updated version to the latest patch.

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Gain immediate access to updates and the latest features available such as Tableau AI. Always use an updated and innovative working environment.

Optimized Accessibility and Scalability

Access the platform from anywhere, even on mobile, to collaborate in real-time with the team. Use the elasticity of the cloud to manage workloads and scale quickly without hardware limitations.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

With Tableau Cloud, meet stringent security and compliance standards, such as SOC 2/3, ISO, HIPAA, and GDPR. Ensure data protection and secure user permission management.

The Stages for Migration

A proven method to ensure a smooth and advantageous transition, optimizing user experience and costs.

Evaluation and Planning

We conduct a technical assessment by analyzing your server environment and network architecture. Together, we define a customized migration plan by analyzing the complexity and stages of the journey.

Migration to Cloud

Working in collaboration with your teams, we implement the migration plan and configure your new system. Leveraging our experience, we commit to a smooth transition of all your content to the cloud, thoroughly testing it.

Enablement and Support

We provide assistance even after the migration. We facilitate user onboarding on the new Cloud environment through targeted training and help you adopt best practices for usage and governance for effective management.

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