Tableau AI: Tableau Pulse & Einstein Copilot

“Tableau AI” is the new generation of Tableau that integrates artificial intelligence into data analysis — thanks to Tableau Pulse and Copilot — to speed up the decision-making process and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Generative Artificial Intelligence is integrated within the Tableau platform to democratize data analysis and simplify the consumption of insights on a large scale. Based on the Einstein Trust Layer, Tableau AI allows administrators to enable all AI-Driven features without compromising data security and privacy.

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse enhances your analysis, transforming data into actionable, personalized insights integrated directly into your workflow. You can receive a newsfeed of relevant KPIs and automatic insights in natural language, making clear not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘why’ of the data.
Ideal for Decision Makers, Tableau Pulse makes data analysis accessible and immediate.

Tableau AI - Tableau Pulse

How Tableau Pulse Makes Data Analysis Accessible to Everyone


Thanks to AI, you can obtain automatic insights in natural language from your metrics. Identify trends, outliers, and suggestions to make quicker decisions.


It offers simplified, tailored access to data, allowing you to instantly monitor your key metrics (KPIs) via a newsfeed.

Integration into Your
Daily Work

It integrates data within your workflow and tools, such as Slack, facilitating sharing and collaboration among teams.

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot* is a conversational assistant based on generative artificial intelligence and integrated into the Tableau product suite. It offers accurate predictions and suggestions, facilitating interaction with the data itself through questions asked in natural language. It allows Data Analysts to generate advanced calculations and measurements, as well as to enrich and refine visualizations, all without the need to write code.

*To be launched in summer 2024

Tableau AI - Tableau Copilot

Start Now with Tableau AI

On-Demand Workshop

Together we assess the impact of Tableau AI for your business. Through a customized workshop focused on your data, we guide you in choosing the metrics and insights to monitor.

Free Live Demo

Book a free interactive demo of Tableau Pulse and discover how to obtain AI-Driven insights from data.

Migration to Tableau Cloud

If you want to leverage the potential of Tableau Pulse & Einstein Copilot, you need to connect your data to Tableau Cloud. We help you migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud quickly and easily.

Some Clients

Want to book a Live Demo or do a Workshop?

Contact us now to discover all the capabilities of Tableau AI and the requirements for using it.
Thanks to a live demo or a workshop on your data, you can see Tableau Pulse in action.

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