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Christmas 2023: Visualization of Consumption and Shopping Habits

There are now just a few days left until Christmas, one of the most heartfelt and celebrated holidays in the world. For this festivity, we all spend a fair amount of money, time and effort to gather wonderful decorations, surprising gifts and preparing marvellous Christmas Eve dinners, striving to surprise the people we share this day with.

But how much do we usually spend on Christmas? What do we buy? How is it celebrated in different countries around the world?

Find it out in the dashboard below!

Christmas 2023: Total cost and shopping habits

Decorations, gifts and food: these are the categories where most of the people invest money into. In the top part of the dashboard, you can see the proportion that each expense category takes up in the total cost of Christmas. Due to the variety of gifts, this category is the one that has the greatest weight on the total cost. Furthermore, by clicking on the Christmas balls you will be able to discover the 10 countries where the average prices are highre for each category.

The Cost of Christmas around the World

In the next view, you can see how the average cost of Christmas increased in 15 of the 24 countries analyzed over the past year. Persistent concerns about inflation and rising prices had repercussions on the spending forecasts of the average househols, except in Canada where the average cost of Christmas fell by almost 18% compared to the previous year. Despite this, this country records the highest costs in every analysed category, in fact it scores in the top 3 of the countries with the highest prices in every category of the bubble chart.

Explore the different celebrations traditions and ways of saying Santa Claus around the world

In the last part of the dashboard, the focus shifts from prices to traditions, where you can explore how people celebrate Christmas in different parts of the world. By interacting with the map, you uncover a photo and an anecdote relating to the selected country or continent. Finally, the world cloud illustrates which way of saying Santa Claus is most widespread globally depending on the number of inhabitants of a given country. You will see that the Indian Saanta Kloz is the most popular way of calling the iconic protagonist of the festive season thanks to the extraordinary high number of people that the country has.

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