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It’s Not a Sanremo for the Old

In today’s Visual Story, we narrate facts and curiosities related to the Sanremo Music Festival through data. Thanks to a series of interactive visualizations, we show you the number of hosts and singers who have participated in the music festival. We then focus on the last 10 editions of the Festival, showcasing the musical genres, generations of artists, costs, revenues, and television ratings that have made it the most important event in Italian music.

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Photo Sources:
The iconic imitations of Virginia Raffaele –
Gabbani performs with the “naked monkey” –
Ornella Vanoni forgets the prize she won –
Iconic kiss between Ornella Vanoni and Patty Pravo –
Bugo leaves Morgan alone on stage –
Balloons instead of the public due to COVID –
Rkomi challenges Amadeus to do some push-ups –
Blanco destroys the Sanremo flowers –

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