Data-skills & Training Paths

We can teach you how to master the top BI and Data Visualization tools, to turn your data into actionable insights.


Data-skills & Training Paths

We can teach you how to master the top BI and Data Visualization tools, to turn your data into actionable insights.


Gain the skills needed for a data-driven transition.

Our training approach aligns with our mission: giving organizations the tools to lead to a shift towards a data-driven mindset. In addition to providing the essential technical resources, we support this transformation by helping you acquire specific expertise through practical and highly effective training programs. With the guidance of our certified consultants and continuous improvement of formats and educational materials, your organization will learn to master the leading BI and Data Visualization tools, enabling you to make strategic decisions that have a significant impact.
Partner up with us to promote data literacy within your company and to offer certifications suitable for every level of expertise. Choose from a wide range of courses, including Tableau, Power BI, and Data Visualization.

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Hands-on Methodology

Our courses prioritize hands-on learning, emphasizing real-life examples, demonstrations, and exercises to solidify theoretical concepts.

Expert Trainers

Benefit from trainers who are not only certified consultants but also actively involved in real-world projects across different industries. They bring years of experience in the field of BI and possess a deep understanding of tools and challenges.

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Accelerate your career and showcase your newfound skills in the job market through our recognized certifications. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate to share and include in your CV.

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Tailor your learning experience to your needs with training suitable for all levels of proficiency, from foundational to advanced. Our programs are aimed to both corporate teams and individual learners, offering the option to attend sessions online or in person, depending on your preferences. Courses are available in English, Spanish, or Italian.

Exclusive Platform
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Use the platform  LearnToViz – our dedicated hub for shared growth in the Data Visualization field. Gain access not only to course materials but also supplementary exercises, self-assessment tests, community discussions, and a wealth of additional content.

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